This work was my first attempt at working with scratchboard. In hindsight, I probably chose a subject that was too ambitious for my first go. I've been working on this piece off and on for several years. After a few hours here and there over a large span of time, it's finally complete! My subject... Continue Reading →

Elemental Stone Replicas

Inspired by the movie "The Fifth Element" This article summarizes my efforts to create a set of interactive elemental stone replicas based on the iconic props from the movie "The Fifth Element." I may have been a bit too ambitious, but I wanted the stones to have an authentic look, be relatively cheap, and have... Continue Reading →

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A new beginning!

As I'm sure you've notice, The Daily Grind has been down for a while. This is the second coming. It's the same name with a new face. You're going to have a front row seat to my latest projects, random thoughts, and anything else I feel like sharing. Here's to an eventful and productive future.

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