Elemental Stone Replicas

Part 6 – The final product!

After several weeks of effort, I finally had all four stones finished. As some finishing touches I decided to create foam caps for the tops and bottom as well a stand to display them on. The white caps on top help soften and diffuse the LEDs and the black cap in the bottom acts as a battery holder.

The display stand is another piece of rigid foam. The stand has four shallow insets custom fitted to each of the stones. The entire based was lined with flat black felt. The felt was attached using spray adhesive on the large surfaces and a tiny bit of super glue on the corners and inset seams.

I hope you like the way they turned out, I certainly do. They look quite nice setting on my fireplace mantle.

Completed Elementa Stone Replica Set on Fireplace Mantle
Completed Set of Elemental Stones on Fireplace Mantle

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